Does No-Money-Down-Solar Really Work?
You Bet It Does!

No Money Down Solar ~ No Out Of Pocket ~ No Setup Fee

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We make it simple to save

SolarCity is revolutionizing the delivery of solar energy to homes and businesses across the U.S. Our national reach with local delivery and ongoing service gives our customers the power of a national company with the assurance and convenience of a local resource.

Your full service solar company

When you want to join the solar movement count on SolarCity's all-in-one service for its home, commercial and government customers. From one company, you can rely on SolarCity to get you generating clean, affordable energy.

Sustainable Energy

When you are ready to switch to solar, we take care of every step! We'll handle everything for your project including engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of system performance. See how we do solar right.

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Some of the services of SolarCity are:
All-in-One Solar Provider

One of the advantages of working with SolarCity is that we take care of every step during your switch to clean power—including engineering, financing, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring. We make it easy and affordable to go solar with uncompromising service that has made us the industry leader.

Custom Designs for Your Home

We know every family and home is different. Our knowledgeable energy consultants will work with you to design a solar system to meet your energy needs, financial goals and architectural style. Our in-house engineering team will then draft a set of custom blueprints based on your goals and your home's architecture and electrical infrastructure. Browse our photo gallery to see the custom solar systems we've designed for other homeowners like you.

Quality Installation and Project Management

SolarCity's professional installation teams have extensive experience and will build your system to our high standards. SolarCity has installed thousands of customers across 1,000 building departments. We have numerous NABCEP-certified employees in supervisory positions, the highest certification in the solar industry. We use only the highest quality solar panels, equipment and hardware.

Identify and Apply for Government Incentives

Federal, state and local governments offer incredible financial incentives to make renewable energy very affordable. But navigating through government programs on your own can be intimidating. SolarCity will identify all of the qualifying programs for your system and file the required paperwork for you. We will even credit you for the state rebate upfront so that you do not have to wait for the government to send you a check later, in all states where that is allowable.

Ongoing Monitoring Service

Every SolarCity solar power system includes our exclusive SolarGuard® monitoring service which continuously tracks how much energy your system is producing. The SolarCity service team keeps a watchful eye on that data to ensure that your system is always performing as it should. In the unlikely event that your system is not performing as expected, we will proactively alert you. We also offer PowerGuide™ home energy monitoring that measures your family's electricity consumption to help you manage overall energy costs.

Direct Financing

SolarCity's flexible financing options allow you to install a solar system based on your financial goals. The combination of your low monthly solar payment and new lower electricity bill is typically less than what you are currently paying the utility company, plus you can lock in a lower cost for power for years to come. Financing directly with SolarCity instead of using a third party makes it easy for you to have a single point of contact and accountability for your system performance.

Savings Beyond Solar

SolarCity can also help reduce your energy bills while improving the efficiency, comfort and health of your home. By combining solar with energy efficiency, and looking holistically at both your gas and electrical use, SolarCity can help you save more money by using less energy. The first step to savings begins with a comprehensive on-site Home Energy Evaluation to diagnose the causes of high utility bills and energy loss. We will then help you prioritize immediate efficiency remodeling repairs that have the greatest impact on energy savings.

Installation Day: Outside it is a sweltering 104 Degrees! Solar City Crew is busy and finishes the job in just 2 days.
The project is MY home, a 4200sqft home in the High Desert of Southern California. After the job was completed, our power bill went from about $225.00 - $250.00 down to about $150.00! That's a savings of about $1000.00 Per Year! Today it's 104 Degrees again, but it's 72 degrees in the house, and our meter is running backwards!

No, this is not a mirror image, we have two ~ 4 Ton AC Units, And two Aerocool Pro Evaporative Coolers.
We only use the AC a few days per year when the humidity is really high. We also have 8 1/2" thick walls.


100 Degrees Plus outside on this day and our meter is going backwards!
"Net" Electricity Usage for the day was 3.5 kWh !!! About $0.75 Cents!

Our Electric Bill for May-June 2012 ~ $222.27

Our Electric bill for August 2012 from Edison will be around $11.00
Plus the Solar City Lease Payment of $133.00

Our August Total Will Be Less Than $145.00 During The Hottest Part Of The Year!

If solar sounds like a feasible option for you, contact me and I will help you through it.
You Will Need A credit Score of 720 or better for the No Money Down Program.

I did not pay a single penny out of pocket for the system or installation!

Disclaimer: I was so happy with the installation of this solar system and the quality of work that was done, that I have become and independent representative for SolarCity. If you sign a contract with SolarCity after working with me, I will get a commission. You will not "save" that commission by going to SolarCity directly. I know the process, the managers, and I know the crew that installed my system in the most professional manner. It is in your best interest to contact me directly first.




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